How do you consider the current situation of transport in India?

Seville, Spain. [gap height=»5″]The following are the important points summarizing the findings of the Indian part of the study: There has been a steep growth in population since 1991, especially in the cities of Bangalore, Delhi and Indore where it has almost doubled in two decades. This high growth in population due to urbanisation has lead […]

Micro-SMEs and Human Resources. A different outlook

Madrid, Spain [dropcap style=»default, circle, box, book»]I[/dropcap]had already mentioned in my welcome post that I am firm believer in Micro-SMEs (by that I mean those tiny companies that are also called things like freelancers / or two self-employed friends or partners that join forces to start up a business that holds firm to the ideal […]

Key issues and challenges for the management of a family business

equipo de trabajo

Seville, Spain. [dropcap style=»default, circle, box, book»]T[/dropcap]he other day I was listening to an address given by my friend and leading light in the transport sector Antonio Vazquez Olmedo, during a  conference held in Seville. He gave an excellent talk on “Succession in Family Business” and being in awe of him I suggested he wrote an […]

Intermodality: interchanges as infrastructures accompanying mobility.

Panamá City, Panamá [dropcap style=»book»]I[/dropcap]am going to offer you an article on intermodality that I recently had published. Last summer I signed an agreement with Swisscontact, a non-profit making, Swiss foundation providing support in the area of sustainable development in emerging or developing nations. [one_half][/one_half] [one_half_last] In my case, I am working on research project in […]

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