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Julián Sastre

I hold a PhD in Civil Engineering awarded by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, specialising in Transport, Town-Planning and Regional Development, backed up by more than 25 years’ professional experience. I began my professional career in the Madrid Transport Consortium (from 1986 to 1989) to move on later to the role of full-time transport consultant in Spain and on diverse international projects. After working as project leader, head of department and technical director in major engineering firms, I now work as an independent consultant and researcher tackling the fields of project planning and financing, international strategy, transport design and management and town-planning.

80% of the success of a project depends of the qualities of its leader.

Ad honorem Lecturer at Seville University and regular advisor for multi-lateral bodies such as the Inter-American Development Bank and the European Investment Bank. Amongst my published works, the following are worthy of special mention:

  • “How to be a Good Consultant: everything you ever needed to know without taking 25 years to find out”. Seville 2012.
  • “Manual for tramways, light-rail networks and systems using reserved platforms. Design, Project, Financing and Implementation”. Madrid Transport Consortium, PTA of Madrid, 2006.
  • “Manual for the Planning, Financing and Implantation of tramways, light-rail networks and systems using reserved platforms” edited by the Madrid Transport Consortium June 2004.
  • “Green Paper on Town-Planning and Mobility” Royal School of Civil Engineers 2008.

25 years is quite an achievement

If you want to know more, you  can find my CV in five languages here.

Client references

I worked with Julian who brought with him a wealth of knowledge in terms of ongoing professional training, availability, resolute ability, sharing of know-how and a proactive stance to establish trust on the part of the client. All of these skills geared towards the fulfilment of social welfare and profitability targets.
Paulo Auvert, Project Manager in Iridium.
All companies can release quality products, however, Julian achieves this by utilising largely, not just professional skills and personal effort, but also by adding the additional component of a human touch.
Enrique Villanueva, Asesor at Swisscontact.

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Consultora Alomon
Fundacion caminos de Hierro
Universidad de Sevilla

Julián Sastre

Independent Consultant

Dr. in Civil Engineering

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More than 200 projects
More than 25 years’ experience
More than 30 countries
5 languages
More than 50 clients
Dr. in Civil Engineering awarded by the Polytechnic University of Madrid with two specialist areas: Transports and Town-Planning and Regional Development Planning. I am currently enrolled on an Economics course at the University of Oxford.
+ More than 200 projects + More than 25 years’ experience + More than 30 countries + 5 languages + More than 50 clients
E juliansastre@juliansastre.com
T +34 670502757

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