My 5 favourite articles in English about mobility and transport to do a better job in consultancy

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Now is time to summing up.  Along the last 5 years, I published more than 15 articles and papers in English both about mobility and transport as about management. Next, I present my best posts of the blog and with them, you will find some of my secrets to do a better job in consultancy.

Blablacar A positive or negative revolution for mobility?

The world changes, evolves, transforms at breakneck speed at the same time as connections between persons increase. The universalization of internet, firstly, and internet mobile networks, at the present time, have changed the way in which we interact, facilitating access to knowledge, optimising production processes and developing synergies for a world connected to the net. The millennial generation is at the forefront of this latest movement with the aim of changing mobility trends. For this reason, we discuss in this post a new means and different means of transport coming to the fore: social networking sites offering car-pool systems, and more specifically BlaBlaCarthe most relevant platform of this nature in Spain though not without its share of controversy. We shall see outlooks taking into account the transport engineering viewpoint as well as that of citizens.

The influence of political ideology on the Financing and Management Models used for large-scale infrastructure 

This is part of my trilogy on Public-Private Sector Partnerships (PPPs) that I began with my posts entitled “Who pays for and who finances our infrastructures?” and the second part “What are the pros and cons of Public-Private Sector Partnerships (PPPs)?

Here I will focus on the importance of the ideology in place to decide whether a public, private or mixed financing and management model should be chosen over another.

Working en India: Some experience and advice

I began this post writing on the return train to Delhi from Agra with the idea of sharing some of my life experiences and offer some advice. Furthermore, I would prefer to start at the beginning of this trip, although I will still mention some of my experiences after having spent several years working in this country.

10 recommendations for effective company and HR management

The aim of this post is to offer you some of our thoughts we share on good company management and human resources practices.

In my blog you can find also some interviews with VIPs of transport sector

One of the best is with my partner at S3Transportation, Jose F. Papi, who also happens to serve as Chairman of the recently-created Smart Transportation Alliance (STA). He talked with us about his vision of the transport infrastructures of the future, in particular about how they should be funded. He will also offer some tips to emerging countries on how to address the development of their transport networks. Enjoy it!!

And now, over to you, feel free to add any comments or recommendations. Each experience is different and I am certain you have a lot to contribute.  

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